Saturday, March 27, 2010

Salary of Local Mayors - The Facts

A question for you today. Is the mayor's salary in line with surrounding municipalities? The annual salary for the Woodson Terrace Mayor = $23,520. Or $1,960 per month. I wonder how much that translates to per hour.

This figure got me thinking, as I was preparing for an interview yesterday afternoon (more on that next week!). Every elected official of Woodson Terrace needs to be very aware that the salary they make and the money they spend comes from tax payers. From the mayor to the Chief of Police, to the Aldermen, they need to be a good steward of tax payer funds. In lean times especially, the city needs to be a good trustee of the taxpayers' money. What areas within the current budget can cuts be made? I believe the mayor's salary is one area that deserves scrutiny. That's why if I'm elected I plan to cut the mayor's salary by more than half, especially since it is significantly more than what other area mayors are making, even those with larger populations and greater tax bases. Serving the people of Woodson Terrace as an elected official is a privilege, not a way to make your livelihood.

I've done some research, so you don't have to. Here are my findings:

Woodson Terrace Mayor: 314-427-2600
Population: 4,189
Salary: $23,520 / year

St. John Mayor: 314-427-8700
Population: 6,853
Salary: $150* / month or $1,800 / year
*Set by the Charter; can only be changed by a vote of residents

Breckenridge Hills Mayor: 314-427-6868
Population: 4,817
Salary: $9,100* approx.
*Info from St. Louis Magazine

Overland Mayor: 314 428-4321
Population: 16,838
$12,000 / year

St. Ann Mayor: 314-427-8009
Population: 13,605
Salary: $28,000 / year

Please keep this in mind as you go to cast your vote on Election Day, April 6th!

As always, I look forward to hearing from you. I've received numerous emails this week and even a few phone calls. Anyone who has ever contacted me can attest that I return every email and phone call, in a timely and expeditious manner.

Thank you all for your ongoing support!