Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My New Favorite Words

"We've been waiting to meet you!"

Last weekend, I knocked on a total of 127 doors. I didn't have nearly the interactions Saturday that I did on Sunday. But what I did have on both days was a warm welcome at nearly every household (of those who were home) during my canvassing. I would estimate that I met over 50 residents, probably more. I also placed lots of new yard signs.

More than once, I was greeted with "We have been waiting to meet you," or "I heard about you from my friend / relative / co-worker, and I was hoping to meet you." I think there is good momentum building for my campaign. We are seeing a lot of positive activity; something in my favor seems to develop on an almost-daily basis.

Two weeks until Election Day! Mark your calendars, call and remind your neighbors, and get there early to vote. I hope to see you before then.