Friday, March 5, 2010

Former Mayors and my next Blog post

It seems that my blog posts continue to be taken out of context, which of course will happen when there are sides to be be taken and opposition coming to meet you. I have never made any derogatory comments about Mayor Brown or Mayor Ratchford. In regards to my going door-to-door, the only comparison I draw is to the current mayor, not past mayors. I promise you. I have only reported on this blog what has been told to me, by the residents I've been able to visit. If you are a resident would like to meet me, or if you have family members who are residents and want to meet me, just say so. If the phone and email methods of communication aren't your thing, then I will arrange a time to visit, face to face.

My comments about the current mayor are based on my own experience, and that's not hearsay. I have never stated "the chairs of each committee, save Alderwoman Martin, are do-nothings and know-nothings." It has been suggested that I said this, by who I suspect is a current Alderman. This is a complete falsehood, and perhaps a tactic by a few current elected officials to defame me and derail my sincere efforts. Please correct me if I'm mistaken, but if by sharing my personal experience with what the Alderman who heads up the Economic Development board has done (or not done!), then that's my personal experience. I know what I know.

I do have some concern over the omission of work, not the commission of what has recently transpired. Let me repeat for emphasis..... I do have some concern over the omission of work, not the commission of what has recently transpired.

I will be glad to justify answers to questions as they are posed, in the spirit of building up this community, not tearing down of me or the good work by our current adminstration and elected officials. I see a good foundation to build upon. I hope to clear up any misunderstandings or misgivings about my intentions. If you want to know what I'm all about, just ask me. Please don't rely on what you hear from those who oppose me. How is that fair?!

Do I have all the answers.....? No. I don't. That's why, after I'm elected, I want to surround myself with the best, the brightest, the motivated people who also want to make Woodson Terrace a better place for all of us. Let's make it *better* not let's dig ourselves out of a hole. It's good to be in Woodson Terrace, now let's move forward, grow, see some additional progress and partnerships.

I have another blog in process. I will post it this weekend. And it's going to address the Job Description for Mayor of Woodson Terrace. Before I post it, let's hear your ideas!! What would you write in a Job Description for your ideal mayor, of Woodson Terrace?! No holds bound.

Let's hear it.