Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Second Week Begins

I'm happy to report that my campaign is moving forward at a rapid pace. There have been some very supportive calls and emails received from my followers....thank you! Your words of encouragement and support are appreciated. The train has definitely left the station, and I'm enjoying the ride! I spent the morning and part of Saturday afternoon waiting to interview and gain a very important endorsement. I will be sure to post here if I get their support!

While spending time in the waiting room, I had the chance to meet other North County individuals, who are also running for office. Some of them were seasoned politicians (Lee Beel from Normandy, Carol Stroker from Hazelwood, and Bob Dody from Overland), who are either seeking reelection, changing agencies they are elected to, or throwing their hat back in the North County political ring. And some of the people I met and chatted with were new to the game, much like me. I met Donna Lewis, a new candidate for Overland City Council, Ward 3. She and I have so much in common! She's "small town" Illinois, just like me. She's determined, passionate, and seeking to make a change, just like me! We made plans to get together and see how we might work together to get each other elected. Additionally, I was invited to a Meet and Greet by Carol Stroker. Her event is this coming Thursday (Jan. 28). I will be sure to post about the experience after it's over.

Speaking of events, be sure to save the date, Saturday, Feb. 6, 1 pm until 4 pm. I'm hosting a "Souper" Bowl Kick-Off Party at the Community Center in Woodson Terrace. 9351 Guthrie, 63134. Come out and meet me, or let’s get reacquainted. My friends and family are bringing their best soups, chili, or chicken & dumplings to share with all who attend the Meet and Greet. I will be asking for the support of Woodson Terrace residents, businesses, and other local candidates. I plan to share with everyone I meet my plan for when I’m elected Mayor. I also want to hear about what’s working or not working in the city today. Keep an eye out for my ad in the February Localite.

One of my plans, if elected, is to spend at least 4 – 5 hours each week, in City Hall, holding Open Office Hours. During this time, residents, businesses, administration, or city employees can meet with me, speak candidly about their concerns or merely let me know how things are going in their corner of the world. I am prepared to work hard for the citizens of Woodson Terrace. I believe it begins and ends with the residents and their safety, prosperity, and community involvement.

I met with a few registered voters today, getting the word out about my campaign. The folks I spoke with seemed genuinely excited about the possibility. I truly believe I will win this election at the door, listening to the residents and sharing my message about the plan to make this city a Better Woodson Terrace. If you have a list of neighbors you would like for me to meet, drop me an email with their names and addresses. I will make it a point to knock on their doors. Or even better, if you would like to host a coffee for me, I will be glad to meet your neighbors and friends in this more informal setting. I will come prepared to share my message and plans for when I’m elected mayor. I will also come prepared to listen.

It’s Sunday evening everyone; let’s gear up for Monday and make this a great week!


The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.
~Vince Lombardi